Secure terminal session data across insecure environments such as the internet
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AbsoluteTelnet is a program that you can use to create Telnet connections. It also supports protocols like FTP, SFTP, SSH1, SSH2, etc. The application requires advanced network knowledge and it is not recommended to beginners. It comes with an improved graphical user-interface, and offers all the necessary functions to create Telnet connections.

The latest version of AbsoluteTelnet has significantly been improved. All the bugs from previous versions were fixed. Also, it now features a tabbed user-interface that grants easy access to all the tools you might need. Moreover, you can now create multiple Telnet connections at the same time, and easily switch between their assigned tabs.

One thing I didn't like about AbsoluteTelnet is that it does not include an offline Help manual. In order to access documentation regarding this program and its functionality, you may need to go online and access the developer’s website. If you can overlook this drawback, I think you will find AbsoluteTelnet an efficient client for creating Telnet connections.

Margie Smeer
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  • It comes with a lot of settings
  • It features a tabbed user-interface
  • It supports FTP as well as SSH protocols


  • Requires advanced network knowledge
  • It doesn't include an offline Help manual
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